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How do I know that New Faces Development Center isn’t a scam?

New Faces has been in business for more than 10 years and has developed numerous industry relationships.
Our reference section is comprised of references from some of the many industry professionals who work with us.
The testimonial section includes “thank you” quotes from some of our models and talent who have received
industry professional requests.

The modeling and acting industry is extremely competitive and highly subjective, so no-one is guaranteed success.
Despite the difficulty aspiring models and talent face in breaking into this industry, New Faces has achieved an
outstanding success record. In 2005, approximately 44% of New Faces clients that have completed development
services received industry professional requests.

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What is New Faces Development Center and what does it do for prospective models/talent?
New Faces is a development center that scouts, provides development services and marketing services to potential models and talent.
We introduce our models and talent to Industry Professionals. Through placement with Industry Professionals,
our models and talent can be seen in magazines, TV shows, feature films, commercials, Broadway and more.

New Faces Development Modeling :Long Island Railroad (From Penn Station):

LIRR East to the Hicksville Train Station. Walk downstairs and continue East under the train trestle. Walk past Kinko’s. The train trestle will fork. Stay to the left fork. When the trestle approaches Bay Ave and Woodbury Road, New Faces will be on your right. Use the front entrance facing the parking lot and the Gatsby Salon.

New Faces Development Agency

What does New Faces look for?

New Faces scouts for potential models, actors, singers, and dancers based on industry professional requests such
as age, height, clothing size, ethnicity, accents and more.

New Faces can assist you whether you are an aspiring talent seeking exposure or an existing talent who would like to update your current marketing tools.
If you want to get into the model and talent industry you need the necessary tools to be marketed. New Faces offers development services such as;

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