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When I’m not golfing I’m sleeping. Once in a while I slap up some posts on various websites but only when I have sufficient time between waking and teeing off. This is one such example as Golf was canceled today due to a lightning storm.

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Whatever free time I have is usually spent trying to explain, to friends and family, how it is that I don’t do any real work. This usually morphs into a conversation about how “they” might spend all their time golfing and not working either. I used to tell them to read this blog. Now a days I just tell them to join the Keyword Academy. Most find out that there will be a couple of years of hard work involved before retiring to the golf course. At this point they give up and buy a condo in Florida or Arizona for the price of a Starbucks coffee and prepare to sit back and wait 20 years to cash in.

Btw, I was golfing in Sarasota, Florida in April and the only people there were Canadians (golfing and/or buying condos) and Mexicans who were cutting the fairways… where did the Americans go? As for the “Ultimate” scam… haven’t quite figured it out yet but I’m pretty sure it will involve a long lost corrupt and now dead Nigerian uncle who left me 1.5 billion dollars that I can only access with your bank account. I will give you half as soon as you send me original copies of your birth certificate, driver’s license, keys to your house and a check for $ 10,000 to cover the processing fees…


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I am 25 years old, and I study materials on education, likes reading and writing. In free time, I often join literature clubs and share my interest with others.

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