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This is a business that is easy to start, requires little capital investment, and has no inventory, but has the potential for a high profit margin. This business would be perfect for someone with experience in the modeling industry. It would help greatly if you had contacts in the photography and marketing industries as well. The basic business is finding models to represent, putting their portfolios on the Web site, and using this medium to promote their services. Revenue can come from commissions made from the jobs that the models on your Web site get and from the fee for putting their portfolio online.

To run this business, you will need basic Web publishing skills to update and maintain your Web site. You should have an eye for talent. To get referrals and grow your business, a personable manner with clients in person and over the phone is a must. Your customers will include fashion designers, trade shows, event organizers, exhibitions, local stores, and malls. You will have to communicate with them in the traditional ways—face to face, direct mail, and telephone—as well as over the Web.

The important issues to be addressed are the proper representation of the models and making sure that the clients understand the parameters of what the models are comfortable with. Perhaps they are comfortable with fashion photo shoots but not with trade shows, where dialogue with show visitors is involved. Payment for the model’s services and your commission should be clearly stated in a contract that you, the client, and the model all sign to ensure that there is no confusion when the revenues come in for each job.
Online marketing tips for you:

• Register with all the major search engines, focusing on the region in which you and the models reside and on the marketing/ modeling industry.
• Participate in local chat rooms and discussion forums related to marketing and modeling to create awareness of your current models and attract new ones.
• Get linked from online modeling directories and meta-indexes.
• Contribute articles to modeling-related e-zines. Make sure you provide your contact information and a link to your Web site.
• Organize a reciprocal linking arrangement with regional ad agencies, publications, and marketing businesses to align your business with their client base.
• Send press releases to online e-zines and offline magazines that relate to fashion, local general interest, and trade.

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