Other Jobs in the Strip Club Part 2: Cocktail Waitress

Other Jobs in the Strip Club Part 2: Cocktail Waitress

http://www.how-to-strip.com/blog If you don’t want to be an exotic dancer or just aren’t quite ready, there are plenty of other jobs, like being a waitress i…
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adminOther Jobs in the Strip Club Part 2: Cocktail Waitress

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  1. Jennifer McCumber

    As far as general attire it depends on the club. It’s mostly either long
    pants or skirts with comfortable but sexy shoes and a top that is either a
    corset or something that is tight that can show some cleavage. LOL!

  2. Jennifer McCumber

    Thanks for the complement! Just dress to impress and be sexy but
    professional. Wear make-up, do your hair, make eye contact, and be outgoing
    but a good learner and listener.

  3. Nina Jones

    I live in houston Texas and would like to be a cocktail waitress..but I
    don’t have the experience what should I do..and how do I find high end
    gentlemen clubs??

  4. Jennifer McCumber

    I’ve been in the business for quite a few years! I’ve worked in Louisiana,
    Texas, California, Nevada, etc!

  5. Jennifer McCumber

    Smile, be confident, and ACT AS IF you are Heidi Klum! Personality and
    confidence are keys to winning in this business, and focus on the customer
    and not your own insecurities! I know it’s easier said than done….

  6. Dayshari Sealey

    I am considering a job as a waitress at a gentlemen’s club, but I am kind
    of scared lol. It’s all new to me and I have no idea what to do. Also what
    type of pic do I upload for a waitress application?

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