The Beautiful Dancer

PICT0031 Image by Mayu ;P The Beautiful Dancer After the day’s work the warrior was relaxing by the river side. The sky was clear and the stars beautified it with the fullmoon. He was marking the dance of his dancer and was feeling relaxed. The dancer gives him all joy and satisfaction in his desapirs.   Since his childhood he is …

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Karizma dance agency. MoM

Karizma dance agency. MoM

Masters of motion performing at the Hatfield Galleria 2012. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Armando Broow. Best Brake Dancer of the World. By FKeyling Talent Agency & School. FLASHBIRDS. Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Latest Dancer Jobs News

Students able to take master class with Jim Cooney “I was invited in December 2013 by Bonnie Erickson, director of educational programming of Broadway Dance Center (BDC), to their annual winter concert in New York City,” Brown said. “I was so impressed with the caliber and professionalism of their work … Read more on College Heights Herald Column For aspiring actor, …

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How to Advertise With Inflatable Tube Dancers

Smart businesses are always looking for good ways of advertising whenever they have the opportunity by any and all methods that are effective, useful for growing business, and spreading the company name.  Advertising is so very important to a business’s health and growth, but that importance magnifies during harsh economic times.  Sadly, one of the first areas many companies “cut …

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