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If you are looking for paralegal placement, then you should first be certified. Once you have a certificate, there are many ways to get these jobs. Take a look at this article to know how.


The path to a finding a good paralegal job always begins with a resume. Your legal and analytical skills are tried here, so make sure you do a good job with the resume. This resume should highlight your certification and the skills you have on the job. If you have done any work related to the legal field, then do not forget to mention it here.

Relevant skills can include the conducting of legal research with the help of Westlaw and Lexis or preparation of law memorandum. The most important part of your resume is to write it in such a way that will make your employers notice it. After all, they receive thousands of similar applications everyday.


If you want to find paralegal placement jobs, then you have to indulge in “networking”. You should attend events and conferences that have the presence of renowned judges and attorneys. If you want to be a paralegal, then you have to be outspoken. Talk to everyone and never be afraid to show off your skills.

You never know, you might be talking to your next employer. In fact, it is also a nice gesture if you ask for vacancies in paralegal jobs and ask to complete a day of free paralegal services so that you can begin your career.


This is your gateway to a successful paralegal job. If you want to find paralegal placement, don’t hesitate to intern in law firms. There are a lot of such firms who offer low paid internships to suitable candidates. Be humble and accept the offer. It always pays to show good work and in the initial stage of your career, you should focus on your work more than the money.

These internships are good ways to using paralegal placement to more high paying jobs. They not only make for an impressive resume but also are valuable fields for further contacts. When you get to finally work in a firm, don’t forget to enquire about more highly paid positions, but do this only after you have proved that you are worth it.

Legal Temping

Understanding paralegal placement and how it works is your key to get a good job in this field. Temping at an agency can prove to be a clever way to get into your dream job. There are many law firms that first test your ability by hiring you on a temporary basis. After you have proved yourself, they hire you for full time. It is also a great way in which you can find out more about a potential long term employer in a short time.

Online Sites

Due to the advancement in technology, it has become much easier to find paralegal placement. These are called bidding sites where potential employers put out job advertisements for paralegals. Try these out; you might just find the job of your profile.

These are some of the successful ways in which you can find paralegal placement.

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