Part Time Jobs for seniors

There are many seniors and baby boomers who still want to work after they retire. This is especially true for seniors who want a part time job. There are some seniors who want medical insurance or extra income while others are simply bored and want something to do after they retire or simply want the personal satisfaction of working a job that they enjoy. The times have changed and many people are still at work far beyond their usual retirement age. Employers are also beginning to recognize the experience and hard work ethic that seniors can offer their business.

Seniors who work a part time job once they have retired can provide extra income required to pay for that little red sports car that they have always wanted.  These part time jobs for seniors offer the fulfillment of their need to contribute to the world, the opportunity to bond with others, especially friends, and personal enjoyment and satisfaction. Here are a few part time jobs for seniors:

This is a job opening for a project/operations manager with a leading educational publishing company. They essentially want a senior that has their high intelligence that is documented on standardized tests that are generally recognized.

If the senior is able to make things look appealing by their design, is creative, and is interested in art, they may be able to have a second career as a graphic artist. Graphic artists design many things such as handouts, flyers, and logos.

The retail business is great as a part time job for seniors since it will provide extra income, interaction with customers, and a flexible schedule. Part time retail jobs might include management positions in retail sales, a stock room associate, a greeter, or a cashier. The senior might want to consider a business that will allow them to specialize in their areas of expertise such as a car dealership, a sporting goods store, or a florist shop. Or, they might want to work for a major retailer such as AT&T wireless, Wal-Mart, Target, Staples, Walgreen, CVS/Pharmacy, Borders Group, or Home Depot.

Another part time job for seniors that will make use of their wealth of experience and knowledge that is stimulating is consulting. There are numerous older professionals who begin their own business by finding customers by virtue of their past business relationships as an independent consultants. Working for a small business or doing independent consulting permits both off time and flexible working hours.

An excellent way for seniors to get involved with a satisfying career that will help others is a nonprofit part time job. Many jobs that are nonprofit are paid for and many nonprofit organizations will be accommodating and flexible a senior worker who is enthusiastic. Seniors can make a contribution to the world with a nonprofit part time job.

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