Plus and Minus of Temp jobs

A temp job is something that one can do on a limited time period only – like a few hours, days, weeks or maybe even a year but is not a permanent career option.  There are many advantages and pluses in taking up temp jobs. The first one is of course the flexibility. A regular job has preset hours which may clash with other activities whereas in temp jobs you can choose jobs that fit into your schedule. The biggest plus of temp jobs is for students who can study and work at the same time and even if you have a regular job taking up temp jobs to earn extra money is also a viable option.

When taking up temp jobs it does not mean you will earn less than a regular employee most times when employers are looking for temporary workers it means they are in desperate need so they are willing to pay more if you fit the bill.  Sometimes temp jobs can be taken up for a specific purpose for example if you really want to buy that new laptop and do not have enough money saved up you can take up a temp jobs just to earn enough money to buy that laptop and there are plenty of such jobs you can take up on temp basis. However another plus point in taking up temp jobs is they will look quite impressive on your Resume when you go looking for a regular job. Gaining experience as a temp worker will also help you in your future regular job hunt and you will also learn how to deal with different employers in different positions. Since temp jobs also let the flexibility to move from one job to another meeting new people and making personal friends beyond the job is also another plus of temp jobs. Sometimes temp jobs can also lead to finding the permanent job. If you are satisfied with the job, pay and your employer you can consider taking up your temp job on a regular basis. The only minus of temps jobs are they are not stable but again it can also be the means to finding your regular job.

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