Pole Dance Shoes Part 2: Clear Stripper Shoes

Pole Dance Shoes Part 2: Clear Stripper Shoes

http://www.how-to-strip.com/blog Today we’re going to dive into the ins and outs of what you need to know if you will be wearing clear heeled stripper shoes …

adminPole Dance Shoes Part 2: Clear Stripper Shoes

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  1. Juanita Martinez

    I wear 8 inch clear stripper shoes, no matter how tall the heel my feet,
    knees, back and neck hurt the same. I’ve tried many types of inserts, all a
    waste of money and caused more pain! Recently I found a product called
    “Insolia”, needless to say I researched this product completely before I
    decided to test it out. Insolia are high heel shoe inserts designed by a
    rocket scientist together with a podiatrist. These inserts distribute
    weight evenly, instead of almost all the weight on the front and ball area
    of the sole of your foot. I used these inserts for a week and my pain
    dramatically reduced at least 80% if not more! The adhesive is high
    quality; my shoes have taken a beating at the club for about a year, and
    these inserts are very securely stuck in place, as they are intended to
    stay in one pair of shoes. They come in a pack of 3 for around $25. I found
    a single pair package on amazon for $11.99 (shipping included) and this is
    probably the best purchase I have ever made! I hope they will work for all
    girls in the industry like they did for me, as I would not wish the
    “stripper shoe” pain on my worst enemy! Not everything works for everyone,
    I suggest if you are interested try the single pair first. The size ranges
    are 4 to 5 1/2, 6 to 7 1/2, 8 to 9 1/2, and 10 to 12. We all know shoe
    sizing is not consistent, I was told to go with the smaller range. I wear 7
    1/2 to 8 1/2 and purchased the 6 to 7 1/2 insolia inserts, and they are a
    perfect fit. I also hear of “foot petals” which I have not looked in to,
    but if anyone has tried them I would love to know, Insolia is amazing
    however if it can be topped I’m for sure interested! Good luck to all the
    girls in the industry! If you are going in tonight BE SAFE and MAKE BANK:)
    “Take it with a grain of salt, a duche bag cant make me mad cuz it is not
    my fault!” A quote to remember when we encounter “those customers”, at
    least a few times a night, who are all the same, and who we all hate!

  2. Jennifer McCumber

    No! 29 is absolutely NOT too old to start! I’ve met beautiful women in
    their 40′s that started dancing! You are young girl! Go get em!

  3. Jennifer McCumber

    The best bet is to try on a size bigger and see how you feel. It depends on
    the shoe! If you don’t have any adult stripper stores in your area I would
    suggest either finding one in the next town over and taking a little
    business trip OR just ordering something online you think might fit. I have
    NEVER fit into shoes I’ve initially bought online EXCEPT for stripper
    boots. You’ve got to know which shoes work for you before you order online!

  4. pandahearts91

    When buying clear or patent leather stripper shoes online, would it be
    better to buy one size up or two? I am usually a size 6.5-7, depending on
    the shoe brand and I can’t seem to find any adult stores in my area that
    sell stripper shoes, so that means I can’t try them on in person.

  5. Jennifer McCumber

    Thanks for your input sweetie! Yes I’ve spoken with company management at
    Tony’s shoes and they absolutely do custom shoes. It’s worth it to take
    care of your feet! XO!

  6. Julieanne Simbroya

    is it okay to wear wedges as long as they are pretty high? I just bought
    some and hopeing they will work out for my dancing…

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