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It is a common dream for all of us to live without the need to work. However do not be surprised to find retirees who cannot stand to live without a job. This has been an interesting topic to be discussed and based on a survey, most respondents provide feedback that they will fall sick after a year of living jobless. This is caused by the change in our daily routine and it is a shock to our body not to be used like it has been used for the past 30 years.

Retirement is the time for you to slow down on your job and spend more time with your family and have more rest as your body gets older along with your age. However, some of us are still energetic and would like to continue working after they reached the retirement age. Let us look at the steps that need to be considered in the process of applying for a post retirement job.

Evaluate yourself before the employer does. This step allows you to understand your interest. Then you can only find jobs that suit your interest. Before going to any interviews, identify your weaknesses, try to improve yourself prior to the assessment. This will make the employer weigh you more compared to other applicants.

Represent yourself by writing a good resume. Tips for a good resume are as follow:

List all your qualifications that are related to the job you are going to apply.
Mention all of your accomplishments.
Remember to use a proper word to highlight your resume. This is one of the most important factors to sell yourself to the employers. Some employers will hunt employees through the internet. Therefore, by using the correct wordings, your resume will stand a chance to be reviewed by the employers.

Before going for an interview, there are a few points for you to consider:

Remind yourself that you are going to sell what you can offer to the employer and not what you can get from the employer.
Although money is one of the objectives of working, do not portray to the interviewer that your priority is money. Convince the interviewer that you have other priorities to offer, like your expertise.
Lastly, attend the interview session with confidence.

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