Preparing for a Model Agency Interview

Modelling can be an extremely difficult industry to break into. Many people try for years to get a foot in the door without any success. However, if you are lucky enough to get a meeting with a modelling agency, then you should make sure you are fully prepared before it. By taking some time to make some preparations for your interview, you can greatly increase your chances of getting that big break into the modelling industry.

It might sound obvious, but the photographs in your portfolio should look like you. Many people turn up to model agency interviews with photographs in which they have a different hair colour, are a different size, or look much younger. Your shots should be recent, and show you in your natural state.  Don’t wear too much make-up in the photographs.  Model agencies are more interested in your potential rather than how well you can apply make-up.

Casting directors at model agencies are very busy people and often have to see many people during the course of a day.  Because of this, it’s essential that you turn up for your agency interview on time. Plan your route in advance and make sure you leave within plenty of time.  On the other hand, try not to turn up too early either. Five minutes before an interview is appropriate. Modelling agencies are normally very busy and do not have the space to accommodate people waiting for their interview. For the same reason, don’t bring guests to your agency interview as it’s unlike they’ll be able to accommodate them.

Always prepare yourself well for a modelling agency interview. Modelling agencies will appreciate a professional, confident attitude, and will be much more eager to find you work. Although modelling is a difficult industry to become successful in, take time to prepare and you can increase your chances.

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