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  1. angel avila

    @nybam9123 you sound pretty educated. maybe a bit TOO much, because it
    seems to me that you forgot that bboying is breaking and breaking is
    dancing… the fact is that dancing is THEIR OWN WAY of showing THEIR
    STORY. bro, they express quite clearly what they’re all about. the fact
    that you just picked apart a couple of the greats for being who they are
    just shows youre just another watered down gym-taught dancer (or a poser)
    fine dont call them bboys, but i only know them as two words, my heros.

  2. Jumpkut

    not actor and writer, but actor and narrator. not paint and body brushes,
    but paint as bold as brushes. Love this vid!

  3. kazashka1000

    Очень легкое , спокойное ,светлое видео! Когда человек стоит на руках-идёт
    гармонизация организма.

  4. DayzeBreak

    @PhatFlowTV i think its actor and narrator. and then paint as bold as
    brushes. and i agree, this is a great quote “Our bodies sing as loud as
    voices, paint as bold as brushes, and evolve as shapes before you.”

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