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Hawaiian shows tourists how to do the hula dance, October 1973
dancer agency

Image by The U.S. National Archives
Original Caption: Hawaiian shows tourists how to do the hula dance, October 1973

U.S. National Archives’ Local Identifier: 412-DA-11466

Photographer: O’Rear, Charles, 1941-

Honolulu (Hawaii)
Environmental Protection Agency

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Product rating agency comes in a market that can rate the product that announce by the company that may help to people those who buy that product via online or offline shopping.
They can work on industry specific like computer hardware, software, washing machine, refrigerators and many more or they can work as a general rating agency.

This agency gives an information about the product that we are going to buy is correct decision for us or not. So in this way we are getting the genuine advice before buying any product.

They give rating like Star or alphabetical sign so we can understand the rating of that particular product and they have several criteria based on industries. It may change company to company and industry to industries all over the world and they can come from the government organization or they can be privately holding company. So, before you buy a product not only check the star or alphabetical grade but also check the agency who rate this items after word you decide that you can trust in this rating agency or not.

Rating agency may use several criteria before they rate any product. So, check that which criteria they apply before they rate the product and this criteria best suite to your need or something different that you are not looking for.

So, when you are going to buy a computer related product either hardware or software at that time you must check the above criteria before buy it. When some one is going to buy a simple hard drive at that time he/she face some confusion like there are several company available in a market they manufacture the hard drive and selling it in a market at its own way. So, at that it is necessary to check which company is best and why and what features make this company’s product rated at best standard and why people are satisfies their own criteria to rate this product.

We also take one more example of antivirus when rating agency is going for rate an antivirus at that time they see the features they have given to remove virus from your computer and load on the computer after installing on computer and see the conformability of any hardware and software after install it and the effectiveness or remove virus from the computer.
In this way rating agency can rate the product based on its own criteria before rate any product. So, may review the rating best for your decision before you finalize any product.

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