’s STRIPPER CAMO! Special guest: Mr Sark :)’s STRIPPER CAMO! Special guest: Mr Sark :)

Get ur OWN damn controller today at: Follow us on Twitter! SAY WHAT??! STRIPPER CAMO?! HELLS YEAH! That…
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In Washington, DC, two strippers from the strip club The House have filed a lawsuit for workers’ rights. The two women claim at times they leave with less mo…
Video Rating: 3 / 5’s STRIPPER CAMO! Special guest: Mr Sark :)

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  1. ProModz

    @NeTGNinja there’s haters everywhere. Most likely a jealous kid that can’t
    do what we do, or another “company” that can’t do what we do lol and i put
    company in quotes, because most other custom controller “companies” are run
    by kids that are under 18yo. Which means they don’t pay taxes…
    Technically it means they’re not a company. most kids that get a can of
    spray paint, and have a spare xbox controller start a “company” scamming
    kids out of $. happens more often that it should.

  2. dplanefilms

    Get rid of the dollar bill and make it a coin. That way the “dancers” would
    make a minimum of $5 a dance. (Yes, I know that there is a $2 bill, but
    when was the last time you saw one?)

  3. PhilipsCDi

    Go to a strip club, who is being exploited? People throw the word exploited
    around WAY too much, the word doesn’t belong in a discussion about
    voluntary interactions.

  4. 17nicksmail

    He retracted his next statement, it was some crazy anti-government rant
    about how they would bring the dogs on these girls and kill them or
    something, pure crazy talk and he realized it.

  5. 17nicksmail

    By this logic what stops strippers from trying to peddle their wares
    anywhere? Imagine strippers on every corner, it will be great for the

  6. PeasantsRebellion101

    What pathetic loose pussy dog shit, I bet every skanky dead beat daddy
    moron in the world wants some loose tunas like these whore bags !!!! Fuck
    you sluts, go die and beg for money elsewhere filthy shit bag Lilith
    females !!!!

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