QUAD- The Dirty Jobs, Helpless Dancer (W/ Lyrics!) Pt. 4

QUAD- The Dirty Jobs, Helpless Dancer (W/ Lyrics!) Pt. 4

Quadrophenia is the sixth album by the English rock band The Who. Released on 19 October 1973, Quadrophenia is a double album, and the group’s second rock op…

adminQUAD- The Dirty Jobs, Helpless Dancer (W/ Lyrics!) Pt. 4

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  1. Vivek Date

    The reason why i picked up the Bass Guitar last year.. and now,
    Quadrophenia is more relevant to me (and i guess most of us) than ever! The
    way of life! :-)

  2. OddManSam

    I think they should either put Quadrophenia into a Broadway musical, or
    make a musical movie about it. It could be awesome if well made.

  3. Wenindoubtukisscraig

    Dude, I thought I posted this comment when I read it, I said almost the
    exact same thing a while ago… This is better then Tommy, Who’s Next, etc.
    This is a true Who masterpiece, it truly is often overlooked and under
    TOMMY’s shadow. But, I kinda like it that way… it kinda makes me
    appreciate it more. Sometimes the gems are under the almost as pretty beads

  4. JasonBonitati

    Umm no it actually doesn’t. When I make my vids, I make the slides that
    tell when the song starts, aligned with the song track. So I start it right
    when it starts. How does it start at 4:58? The song already began like 20
    seconds before that, wtf are you talking about?

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