Ragnarok Shadow Chaser (Stalker) Stripper new style of stripping

Ragnarok Shadow Chaser (Stalker) Stripper new style of stripping

If you like this video, please watch my new one as well… it is better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOMWQab6A6o Hi everyone this video is a request by on…

adminRagnarok Shadow Chaser (Stalker) Stripper new style of stripping

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  1. xhenryhhk

    @xhenryhhk about my jump kick…. they are never able to pin point me when
    I overlap on their place as they are bloody big ..HAHA… that will give me
    1or2 chance on stripping… (2 to 3 if you master the jump strip technique,
    as you jump itself is one full strip)… but then… they use their
    inspiration and equip all their shit again (WTF!) …. ok then, I’m just
    going to shadow form you… and run…. Anyway… I have no problem facing
    the other classes….

  2. emmanuel luigi Higuit

    @jp86II Can you tell me what will be the changes when it get’s nerfed? pRO
    just got its renewal so maybe it will take a longer time than 5 mins until
    a patch gets here. not entirely sure.. ^^maybe Level up phil is that
    fast… naah..

  3. xhenryhhk

    @pddd09 Everyone has their own preference. I have actually gave up ASS, but
    I am still using jump kick combo which is the best and quickest away to
    disable an enemy. I had DEX because it increases the chance of stripping
    and marsquarade(?) As somebody has already pointed out, there’re a lot of
    unfros, so ASS is certainly not the best choice. I choose AGI, coz it
    increase you flee… and this is very very useful…

  4. jp86II

    @99avarice uhm, dude stop embarrassing yourself since the 1st time you
    replied back to me, i knew your filipino please please stop replying
    because your just dumb i aint kidding

  5. xhenryhhk

    @lanslegolas yeah…. I strongly disagree what gravity did for RGs…
    aren’t they just…. too strong.. but anyway… my flee seems to let me
    survive in their brainless overbrand attack….

  6. Schoolsociety

    How do you do so much damage? I only do around 400 600+ damage with auto
    meteor. and i have full int 100agi and some dex

  7. pddd09

    Question… I’m having a stat confusion… Your build is Agi, Dex right???
    i thought it would be better if its vit int build???? Help i need this
    badly before Renewal is implemented on pRO…. @_@ Thank you! :)

  8. Patrick Mateo

    is it posible to copy the skill severe rainstorm from the minstrel job? if
    yes then it would be nice if your build is agi dex vit then ASS severe
    rainstorm? equip with arrows?

  9. John Briceño

    Skills strip accsesory its TOO SLOW… Slow in woe its = to death so…
    maelstorm is life invisibility TOO! and shadow form its the best way of
    killing =) … in woe if u see the emp… on the floor maelstorm Fast and
    later u do invisibiliy crit+100 +berserk+atk bonus from chase walk+2 desert
    wolf & 2 ork skel cards… that emp will be urs!! maelstorm will recover
    urs SP thx to ur fellas warlorcks and sorcerers… the rest with earthbow
    FSK+ ignition break+ sleep arrow+ deadly infect active

  10. emmanuel luigi Higuit

    @jp86II Int, dex are cool. manhole. land mines. shadow form. step on the
    mines. decimate your enemy.. ^^.

  11. jp86II

    @99avarice good lord your not getting what im saying, i wasnt asking if you
    could shadow form without manhole im SAYING that being able to use shadow
    form on someone in a manhole is very imbalanced and will lead to an
    inevitable nerf >.> get it?

  12. jp86II

    @xhenryhhk how do you flying kick and strip fast? when i do it my character
    gets in the way of my cursor for the FS help

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