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  1. MrRepzion

    Some fucking company called Complex Media LLC just claimed this entire
    video. WHAT TEH FUCK. Its claiming the part that I start to talk as their
    own content, WHAT THE FUCK YOUTUBE. you’re taking my ad revenue 

  2. GirlDoesRant

    Love how she basically used her radio appearance (presumably she appeared
    as a result of the epic clusterfuck of hate) to excuse her actions and
    paint herself the victim.

  3. MoralixHELL

    I have an internet friend who’s black and we are always joking, mostly
    involving the word “nigga” in our conversations. Like “yo portugual biatch”
    “yo nigga wazzup”. None of us gets upset about it.

  4. jasmine coleman

    for all the people here that don’t think nigger is wrong. Go look at the
    history of that word. couldn’t be me, I would of slapped her ass. but
    anyway cool video. no race should be subjected to any racial term

  5. AndrewProductionsTV

    “I’m not racist, I have a black cousin” .-.
    I won’t be surprised if she comments on this video.

  6. Space-churro

    I have a black cousin, too. But, that doesn’t mean I can walk around
    yellin’ out the ‘N’ word to black people, and disrespecting others because
    of their skin color. Even if I was black myself, I shouldn’t do it, Jesus.

  7. Matt Fischer

    JESUS CHRIST WOMAN! You don’t have to like blacks but you don’t need to be
    that damn relentless! You can’t offend somebody because they are proving
    good points! Dear Lord have mercy!

  8. tom5243

    Im not saying shes in the right, but we dont know what actually happened
    before the video started. Shes is fucked up, but he also couldve been the
    bigger man and left and completely avoided this whole thing

  9. popularcockynerd

    If Nigger means ignorant person and it has nothing to do with race then why
    did she only use it on a black guy?

  10. StrategyGameKing

    I always though Nigger probably comes from a slur of the spanish word for
    black, negro, which people would have referred to their slaves as due to
    their skin color.

  11. SoManyBeatles

    Honestly, I don’t like the words ‘Nigger’ and ‘Nigga’ and I hate when
    people use them, which is why I don’t use them. However, I think there is a
    difference between both words. I think ‘nigger’ is used as a mean word,
    like ‘bitch’ or ‘cunt’. ‘Nigga’ in my opinion is used as a general term,
    like ‘bro’. 

  12. cecil price

    Hmmm how to start?? Well its hard to take anything you say seriously, when
    you call her a dumb fuck..I agree like any sane person that she’s crazy and
    out of control . But to my knowledge she hasn’t broke any laws .. Morally
    we can all agree she’s very wrong, and that kind of language has no place
    in modern society.. But she can say what she wants, she may raise her
    children any way she likes . Welcome to America … We are free .. To say
    she needs her children taken away cause she is a bad parent, cause you
    think so … Well that’s wrong in my opinion . I was raised in a very
    racist family and im not racist at all. Living proof that we do not have
    to grow up to emulate our parents. A great question is. How do I as your
    viewer take you seriously? When you talk down, and or about this woman .
    Crazy she may be ,but who are you and I to judge her? Should we form more
    laws for this ?? take everyone’s kids ? Should United States Government
    raise all crazy peoples kids? Holy shit the Catholics better open some
    more schools…

  13. Oprah Winfrey

    her kids should be because shes a fucking hooker. did no one else catch
    this. each to their own in regards to racism but shes a fucking

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