Recession Proof Jobs

Let’s face it, jobs are being lost daily.

Looking for a recession proof job? Select one of the many that don’t suffer as bad from the list below. There are industries that the recession has little to no effect on and will provide the security you need to get your bills paid on time. Something that you should consider when switching to a recession proof job is not to rush into it. Choosing a career based on financial worries is foolish, focus on doing what you do best or what you are interested in or you won’t enjoy switching as most recession proof jobs are low paying. You can’t switch into health care coming from engineering in a few months…

The following jobs do not have massive lay offs:

Fast Food & Supermarkets – People need to eat, need I say more?
Entertainment & Casino – When people get layed off, they sit at home and watch television.
Police Force & Security – Security is needed to control people whether there is a recession or not.
Repair Shops/Places – Stuff breaks, its inevitable.
Lawyers/Legal – With many going bankrupt, many laywers are seeing progress as opposed to a down turn.
Internet or IT related - The internet is a cheap source of business building. During the recession many are starting their own business for job security by not relying on an employer.
Education - People are seeking new professions to focus on while jobs are limited. Expansion in knowledge means more job opportunities.
Babysitting – Many individuals have to work 2 jobs to pay their bills and have no time to take care of their children plus most babysitting is done under the table and untaxed.
Health Care – People will always have health issues. Nurses, Doctors, etc are always in demand.

Jobs taking it the worst:

New Vehicle Sales – People are buying used and private since they have no need for a new car. Most cannot afford payments since they either lost their job or took a pay cut.
Oil and Gas – To much speculation and lay offs in the energy industry. Many companies have siezed drilling to avoid profit losses. High end experienced people will most likely get a reduction in pay while smaller ones get layed off.
Construction - There is less work now that people cannot afford new homes. Banks are taking hits on new developments. Many homes to choose from are already for sale or foreclosed.
Banks and Financial Institutions. Many banks have lost millions in the recession and its only getting worse. Many executives are kicking themselves for being greedy and some even accused of poor management.

All in all, if you are expecting to survive the recession with one of these recession proof jobs, you aren’t going to get paid much unless you are involved in the medical, legal or (high end) entertainment industry.

Peter Danihel
Recession proof jobs

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