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Employees are the most important pillar of an organizational structure. But choosing the ‘right’ candidate has become tougher in the recent times. Who should be selected from the batch, has been a million dollar question for human resource department. Candidate selection is a rigorous and cumbersome process as it involves campaigning, filtering, interview scheduling and a bunch of more tasks. However, along with the selection of potential employees, retaining the experienced and blossomed key individuals is equally important. Organizations outsource the task of filtering the potential candidates to recruitment agencies. Customer Relationship Management deals with all aspects of internal and external communication with the clients, sales force and other integral functions of an organization. Recruitment agency software addresses the issues and hurdles in a recruitment drive. Efficient recruitment software can handle data banks, filter the available data and give a crystal clear picture of market situation to the respective user.  

Our Domain:

Our recruitment agency software has been developed by industry experts. TrackerRMS provides customized and user-friendly software to facilitate the recruitment. CRM recruitment service offers the much needed integration of the customer relationship management and recruitment process. Recruitment software does everything from candidate management to marketing and campaigning. The conclusions achieved through thorough analysis help the user to track down candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. We, at TrackerRMS, optimize our software for recruitment for our clients. Our following features have put us among the leading recruitment software providers:

•  We have customized placement and reporting system. The reporting system can produce desired reports about the candidate. The reports can also be formulated in the required format.

•  We put your website face to face with job posting. The integration of these two gives fabulous results.

•  You can access our web based system from anywhere in the planet. The mandatory requirement only being the internet connection.  

•  We facilitate searching and profiling. Our software for recruitment has in-built features such as navigation, user-friendly settings and many more.

•  The facility of candidate management offers online registration along with auto skill coding, etc.

•  We have an expertise in online timesheets management processes. This enables the user to get real-time information without any hindrance.

Our expert and talented team use the latest technology in software development. We analyze internal functions of an organization and that ultimately features in our customized software for recruitment. We happily confer credit of our success on our below stated features:

•  Customization – We produce the tailor-made solutions to cater your recruitment needs.

•  Cost-effectiveness – The best quality does not always come with high prices. We make you believe this.

•  Support System – We offer training and support before and after implementation of our software.

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The author works with TrackerRMS and the company is reputed and is also progressive software specialists in providing services. The company offers best crm sales force automation, software for recruitment agencies, crm software, online timesheets. We provide  recruitment software, Resource Management software, web based crm etc.

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