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People with disabilities require a holistic approach to assist in helping them live as normal a life as possible. In this aspect, rehabilitation workers play an important role in helping people with disabilities to become capable enough to take part in mainstream society. Since there are different types of disabilities that require the assistance of rehabilitation professionals, there is variety of work and many rehabilitation jobs available.

Generally, theses disabilities are classified into physical disabilities such as fine or gross motor ability; sensory disabilities such as low vision, blindness, hearing impairment and developmental disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, down syndrome and mental disorders . Causes for these disabilities may be several including illness, disease, birth defects, accidents, or even stress.

Responsibilities of Rehabilitation personnel

People with Disabilities require different rehabilitation measures to help them get functional freedom and mobility. These aids may be medical intervention, therapeutic exercises, vocation training, employment and more. Rehabilitation personnel provide the emotional and professional support required by their patients. Moreover, rehabilitation professionals may provide the generalised and specialised counseling to patients from their public and/or private practices.

Different options for Rehabilitation employment

These days, there are several types of rehabilitation employment to deal with the varying needs of people of all ages. Each rehabilitation worker is often trained in a specific type of rehabilitation and generally doesn’t provide a wide variety of services. When one thinks of looking for a rehabilitation job, they are often categorised as working with people with physical disability, mental disability, anti social behavior and others.

Physical Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation is about helping patients to relearn the activities that they were doing prior to an accident or injury. These activities may include performing everyday tasks such as eating, getting dressed, walking and more. The rehabilitation personnel can specifically plan an exercise therapy program for each patient. These programs are generally focused on improving coordination and flexibility and are composed to try to reduce any chance of re-injury. Along with physical therapists and dieticians’ rehabilitation professionals will work together to complete the patients care.

Mental disorders

Apart from assisting patients to deal with physical disabilities, these counselors and workers also help them cope with their mental and emotional issues that may be due to their traumatic experience. They help them cope with stress and grief and return them to their normal routine. Substance abuse counselors specialize in rehabilitating people having addictions and diseases related to alcohol, nicotine and substance abuse. In addition, psychiatrists and psychologists may also cross over as rehabilitation experts.

Social Rehabilitation

Social rehabilitation is recognised as an important area of rehabilitation field. Generally, it becomes very difficult for a person to mingle with society if they have been absent from mainstream society for a long period of time. For example, if a person is suffering from an injury that has damaged their appearance or suffered from an illness that prevent them from interacting with others or has suffered mental illness or even, served a long prison sentence. In these cases, it is often the social rehabilitation workers who help them to once again mingle back into manage society and mix with people.

Other Rehabilitation career options

Apart from these mainstream rehabilitation career fields mentioned above, other options can be creative therapies, Chiropractors; Alternative medicine practitioners burn treatment, speech and language, pathology and physical therapy otherwise known as physiotherapy.

If you are looking for a rehabilitation job in Sydney, NSW or Melbourne, Victoria there are currently many options open to you in a wide variety of categories and locations.


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