Ruby Keeler: A Talented Tap Dancer

Today many dancers entertain a wide audience with their outstanding performances. It is interesting that some entertainers are so gifted that they can not only dance, but also sing and act. Ruby Keeler was a bright example of such a talented person. She became a popular actress and an outstanding tap dancer. Her wonderful performances still inspire a lot of young ladies to put their snug girls tap shoes on and start tap dance training sessions.

The real name of Ruby Keeler was Ethel Hilda Keeler. She was born in Canada on August 25, 1910. It is essential to note that Ruby enjoyed dancing since she was a child. A dance instructor at her school noticed a great potential in Ruby. The instructor told her she should take dance classes at a professional level. The Keeler family was so poor that they could not afford to take her to dance classes because it was too expensive. The dance instructor was sure that Ruby would become a good student and offered her free lessons at her dance studio. It is worth noticing that Ruby was very good at tap dance. She put her comfortable girls tap shoes on and successfully passed auditions for the musical called The Rise of Rosie O’Reilly. Later Ruby Keeler became a dancer in Texas Guinan’s nightclub.

The dancing talent of Ruby Keeler was noticed by a producer Charles B. Dillingham who helped her begin a career in Broadway musicals. Ruby Keeler got her first role in Bye Bye Bonnie in 1927. Ruby Keeler performed so well wearing her comfortable girls tap shoes that she was offered roles in other Broadway productions such as Lucky and The Sidewalks of New York. In 1928 a famous producer Flo Ziegfield noticed the talented dancer and offered her a role in a musical comedy called Whoopee!

It is worth noticing that Ruby Keeler had a great acting talent. She moved to Hollywood in the 1930′s and started her acting career in the Warner Brothers’ musical 42nd Street. Ruby Keeler put on her high quality girls tap shoes and performed complicated pieces of choreography in the film. It is important to point out that the film was a success. Keeler continued her acting career in such films as Show Girls in Hollywood, Footlight Parade, Dames, Go Into Your Dance, Flirtation Walk and many others.

Ruby Keeler decided to finish her acting career in 1941. She appeared in some TV programmes in the 50′s and 60′s. Still, she made one of the most noticeable come backs in a Broadway musical No, No, Nanette in 1971. It is interesting that the show was directed by Busby Berkley, the director of 42nd Street.

Ruby Keeler died at the age of eighty two in the US. She made a career of a famous dancer and an actress. It is important to notice that Ruby has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of fame. Her outstanding dancing skills and acting talent not only entertain people but also inspire young ladies to put their girls tap shoes on and go into tap dance.

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