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To land in a career in the hair and beauty industry, you need to have a degree in cosmetology or you need to pass a certification course in make-up and cosmetic application. Enrolling in cosmetology class can help encompass several occupations. This would include hair and beauty jobs like:

? hairdresser
? hairstylist
? barber
? shampooer
? nail technician
? skin care specialist

Hair and Beauty Jobs Educational Requirements

? High school diploma or equivalent
To become a cosmetologist or hairstylist, you need to attend a state-licensed cosmetology or barber school. To be eligible, you need to be at least 16 years of age. There is also a rule in some states that you should have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

? Training program

You also need to pass training programs in cosmetology and hairstyling. These training programs usually run for 9 months. It is a good way to earn an associates degree. If you want to enroll in a manicurist training program, they are not that long.

? License

A license is necessary for all who want to work in hair and beauty jobs as hairstylists, cosmetologists and hairdressers. Once you complete a state-approved training program, you need to take a state-administered licensing exam. It is worth knowing that pedicurists, manicurists and skin care specialists take separate exams.

Hair and Beauty Jobs Advancements

When you become more skilled and experienced as a cosmetologist and hairstylist, you will also see an increase in your earnings. As there are those who open their own salons, there are those who settle for being image consultant and sales representative positions. There are also those who prefer to teach in cosmetology and barber schools.

Depending on the specialization, below are some of the procedures offered and performed by hair and beauty experts:

? Dyes, bleaches or tints hair
? Trims, cuts and shapes hair pieces or hair
? Attaches hairpiece or wig to model heads or dresses hairpieces and wigs
? Brushes, combs and sprays wigs or hair to set the style
? Administers therapeutic medication as well as advices patrons to seek medical treatment for contagious or chronic scalp conditions
? Treats and massages scalp for remedial and hygienic purposes
? Colors and shapes eyelashes or eyebrows as well as removes facial hair
? Applies and recommends lotions, cosmetics and creams to patrons to lubricate and soften skin as well as restore and enhance natural appearance
? Maintains and updates customer information records, especially about the beauty services they provide
? Shapes, cleans and polishes toenails as well as fingernails.

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