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Recruitment might sound like something of a troublesome word at first. For some, the word implies desperation and a lack of opportunity when the truth couldn’t be further removed from this misconception. Essentially, recruitment agencies are the ideal middle-man if you like between employer and employee, something which cannot be overlooked in terms of importance in this day and age, particularly when people are finding the search for work to be more trying than they perhaps had thought possible. Well, recruitment agencies are not limited to any particular field or genre of work, which is why more and more kitchen staff, chefs and cooks are turning to agencies in order to find that perfect job, be it permanent or temporary chef and cooks jobs. The best news of all perhaps is the fact that there are plenty of positions available, including head chef jobs even in the post Christmas lull.

Yes, even though what is perhaps the busiest period for catering staff, including head chefs has been and gone for another year, there are tons and tons of catering and kitchen positions available in the United Kingdom right now, including those highly sought head chef jobs. If you are currently seeking work and have head chef experience under your belt, then joining an agency such as might well be the perfect move for you at this time of year.

So how exactly does a recruitment agency work, and how can such a company assist you in your search for that perfect head chef job or temporary chef jobs? Well, put simply, a recruitment agency will act as a mediator, making your search for that ideal position much easier than it might be on your own. Basically, a recruitment agency will have links to hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of hotels, restaurants and bars, all of whom will be seeking staff at any given time. When you sign up with an agency of this nature in order to track down the right head chef job for you, or indeed any other kitchen based position, your details will be passed on to the employer and the agency will forge links between you as employee and your possible future employer. It really couldn’t be much easier.

So, in an age where locating, applying for and gaining that ideal head chef job may prove to be something of a challenge on your own, why not take that simple first step and sign up with an agency whose sole purpose is to find you work? Just be sure the agency you choose carries this logo on their website to ensure they are reputable traders in the field of UK Recruitment… recently placed my cousin in a head chef job in central London, after hearing from my cousin the other week and him telling me how much fun he was having in his new role as a temporary chef in a funky London Bistro I decided to have a look at the website and some of the Chef Recruitment Agencies who work in this field. Upon discovering AWOL I was pleased with the number of roles they featured on their website and thought that if any of my readers wanted to find a head chef or become a head chef then this website would be a good place to start!

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