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For starters, what are “auto translators”? Auto translators are applications which you can use online which help people translate certain words and even phrases into any language they want. The great thing about these auto translators is that they are fast. They can give you a translation in as fast as five seconds.

Anybody can use it, and most of the time it’s for free! You just have to type your word or short phrase on the box provided and click translate. And voila! You have a translated word! But is this even better than translation agencies? I don’t think so. Translation agencies might be pricy for some, but you will definitely get what you have paid for, a man had better understanding for words and grammar as compared to a robot or computer. These auto translators, although free and fast, are only limited to translating words and short phrases, they can translate long lines but in the end they never really come out perfect, especially when you check the grammar. The computer will never think about the order of words or how it should be said, they just translate, that’s it.

This is where a translation agency comes out better than the online auto translator. Translation agencies have people whom you can talk to and communicate, and they will also let you understand what they are translating so even though you don’t understand the foreign document you are holding, with their help you could least have a gist of it.

Benefits of a Translation Agency

Expansion of Your Business, Globally. When you start to expand your business globally, you will encounter clients who don’t speak your language, or don’t speak English. In times like these, you have to hire a professional from a translation agency in order serve your foreign clients. Getting the help of translation agencies will help you break the language barrier between you and your clients.
Cheaper than Hiring a Personal Translator. Working with a translation agency is always cheaper than getting someone permanent on your team to do translations. In a business it’s not everyday that you will be needing translations, you might only encounter these things seldom in your business. Unless, your company really works with foreign nationals almost everyday, than its best to hire a translator on the team.
Expertise. For translation jobs, it is always best to get help from a translation agency. Why? It’s their job. This is what they do every single day. No one else is better at translating than a translation agency. These people have endless experience working for millions of clients who also have translation works for them. So they definitely know what they are doing. 
Capacity. If you are the type of business that deals with numerous foreign clienteles, with a lot of documents and papers to be translated, a translation agency is the best place to have them translated. Only they have the capacity to translate in large quantities, in this case it is also better to get services from the agency rather than hiring a personal translator on the team. This person might not be able to handle the number of documents to be translated.

For someone who wants to expand globally, getting the services of translation agencies is a good investment. If a lot of people can understand your work and what you do, you will be able to reach people all over the world without having to worry about the language barrier.

Charlene Lacandazo is a marketing executive for Rosetta Translation, a leading full-service translation agency in London, UK.

Rosetta Translation specialises in translation and interpreting services worldwide.

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