Sexy Stripper Dancewear Tops Part 3: Bra Tops

Sexy Stripper Dancewear Tops Part 3: Bra Tops Sexy stripper bra tops are a much needed addition to your dancewear wardrobe! Learn about this sexy style, where to buy bra …
Video Rating: 5 / 5 You may have to deal with toxic and mean coworkers in becoming a stripper. Not to worry! This video will teach you how to pr…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

adminSexy Stripper Dancewear Tops Part 3: Bra Tops

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  1. SavageAngel305

    Thanks i have such cute victoria secret bras but i thought icouldnt wear
    them to work ! Like wearing street heels ! I recently started thanks for
    the great tip

  2. lunacyand bestwishes

    I love your videos! I’ve learned so much already! I really like wearing
    bras and cute swimsuit tops instead of regular stripper bikinis. I also
    like how it’s easy to mix and match. As a newbie I don’t have a ton of
    money to spend on outfits right away.

  3. CimmerianFire

    Hi, Jennifer. :). I’m not a dancer, but your videos offer advice that can
    be applied to anyone in any profession or walk of life. Beauty, nutrition,
    business, psychology, etc. You are inspiring and a very intelligent
    business woman.

  4. Jennifer McCumber

    Well, many clubs have a one or two drink minimum if you are going to be
    sitting there. So, you’ll have to spend some money, but there is no rule
    that states you have to tip anyone. You can be an observer, however, if you
    talk to a dancer or take up her time I would encourage you to tip her
    something! XO!

  5. Jennifer McCumber

    YES! I have already done a video about this! Just go to my blog and check
    out the different categories on the right hand side bar and you will find
    it! XO!

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