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This was such a cool experience – a lovely belly dancer (Amy of Gaia Tribal Dance) held a fundraiser at the Wasilla Performing Arts Center in June 2012; she could find any real photographers so she invited me to shoot the event. I rounded up some fellow miscreants and we went for the dress rehearsal and I went back for the actual show the following night. This was my first time shooting a live event with all sorts of action going on, so there was a lot of moving my flash stands; flash was banned on the second night and the lighting level was very low; I was sitting quite a distance from the stage, shooting at max ISO and hoped to get a few decent shots considering all the movement.

The show itself was an absolute blast – Amy did a tremendous job organizing the talent. I wasn’t sure what belly dancing had to do with 1900 Paris but the dancers dressed the part. The show was high energy with great dancers and costumes – I’m glad Amy invited me!

Since Motorola created the Six Sigma system in 1986, more and more companies realized how Six Sigma methodology can benefit their business and help them grow and improve. Because of its increasing popularity and demand, Six Sigma has spread to many different industry segments beyond its original genesis in manufacturing. That is why, nowadays, not only large companies are looking for Six Sigma help, but also smaller companies and government organizations. This makes the job market very attractive as companies all over the world are looking to hire people not only as consultants but even as permanent staff.

Because there are so many Six Sigma jobs, from beginners to experts, the positions usually have unique descriptions and requirements depending on the organization. Though many of the Six Sigma jobs are filled by employees specially trained by companies, there are still many possibilities for someone who has completed a Six Sigma training. Also, if you are a Six Sigma expert, then you should have no problem finding a job in the domain, as many companies are looking for someone outside their organization with lots of Six Sigma experience in order to lead different projects and even train employees.

Six Sigma jobs differ depending on the company you are looking to work for. Even if you are a “Six Sigma Black Belt” or an “Six Sigma Analyst” or “Six Sigma Program manager” or even an “Director of Operational Excellence”, your Six Sigma job will require that you are highly trained in the Six Sigma methodology and that you have experience in working with a team. In order to be considered for a Six Sigma job, you will first need to complete an academic training by following a special training course done by Six Sigma consultants with experience in training and implementation of Six Sigma. Also, it is very important that you have some work experience before trying to obtain such an important position in this domain, as many companies will require you to have experience working in the industry in which the organization is working and even some Six Sigma training and project experience.

If you are looking for a Six Sigma job as a project team leader, than you should know that management experience is a must, being a huge plus and convincing the employer that you are a serious and professional Six Sigma expert. Having this on your resume will surely open you doors which otherwise would be closed, as there are many companies looking to hire people with experience in the domain in order to improve their business and efficiency.

Also, there are some very important personal skills that are essential to a Six Sigma position. Being a good leader and knowing how to make your team follow your instructions and trust you are very important. Also, being able to make others understand your point of view and also demonstrating a good understanding of the processes that take place within the company are essential. This is what makes a Six Sigma job very hard, but also very well paid.

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