Some Specific Jobs in Australia

If you want to start a career and migrate in Australia, you can search for positions on various job sites available online. Australia has an open and competitive economy; they welcome overseas skilled and professional workers. Their lack of skilled workers opens a lot of doors for aspiring job hunters. Now if you want to work as a white collar professional, Australia offers lots of IT related and health care work. The pay is high and the jobs usually offer great working conditions. You will definitely need to have certification and a work visa. To apply for a Visa, your country must have a working arrangement with Australia, but most countries do. Some jobs like mining jobs, dump truck driving, oil rig jobs are most common jobs in Australia.

There is a myth that mining companies prefer women because they are gentler on the dump trucks than males. Scientifically they cope better with menial/ repetitive work than males which are more likely to fall asleep at the wheel, which is a mining company’s worst night mare. There is a shortage of rubber in the world today and a dump truck tire contains a lot of rubber. The companies monitor how many days they get out of each tire and if it appears that a specific driver is working the truck to hard and wearing out the tires quicker it won’t be long before they are told to slow down on acceleration. Most the dump truck driving jobs are advertised in the newspaper in the mining section. More and more of the jobs are advertised on the company’s website itself. There is also apprenticeships available for people interested in obtaining a dump truck driving jobs in the mines in Australia. Some dump truck jobs are contracted out to specialize mining agencies.

Some mining companies have told me that dump truck companies like people who have driven buses in their home city. I can see the potential of this experience as being suitable for a dump truck driver. A bus driver has to constantly be aware of its environment in and outside his/her vehicle. The driver has small kids running around outside and has to be proactive in their driving manner. This experience shows the mining company the individual is safety focused.

In order to gain Australia offshore oil rig jobs most workers are required to hold certain certifications such as a first aid certificate. If you are able to meet these requirements, then you can begin to look for a suitable position. Due to the dangerous nature of working on an Australia oil rig, safety is of utmost importance and all employees must have a good attitude to safety. While you are working on the rig, your living requirements such as food, accommodation and laundry will be catered for. The food that is provided to workers is usually of high quality and is available at number of different times during the day and night. It is also important to obtain good and honest career advice about working in the oil industry that is specific to you.

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