Stay Alive during Your Model Agency Interview

First impressions – You get one chance the old chestnut goes, ‘You only get one opportunity to make a first impression ‘. This is true in nearly every scenario and modeling is not an exception. When you at last get that model interview that you have been hoping and working for, bring the very best of everything you have got to the meeting. Don’t be reticent, you may not have a second interview! I am going to talk about some tips which will help stack the deck in your favor. When I say this, don’t accept for a minute this will promise you a signing with the model agency. It will not. There’s occasionally going to be powerful competition out there and it may come down to you and a bunch of other models.

First, let’s rap about preparation for the interview. Should I wear makeup or not? Agents don’t really would like to see your face made up like a Barbie doll.

The agent at the first interview wants to see the real you so that she or he knows the material available to work with. By a ‘little ‘ I’m chatting tiny like ..

- Some concealer to hide major marks – Mascara and just a touch of natural-appearing eye shade – a touch of blush to bring out the cheeks And remember, be totally sure not to overdo any of this. The agent should hardly be well positioned to tell you are wearing any makeup at all so almost enough to appear natural ‘on purpose ‘.

What to wear to the agency interview I’d suggest wearing clothing that accents your body without being overbearing. You do not need to appear like a prude or ‘easy prey ‘.

Don’t wear unacceptably tight clothing or a shirt with a falling neckline. You want the agent to first look at your face. Simply a good, reasonable casual outfit should work fine particularly since you’ll be wearing very light makeup to the interview. From a photographer’s perspective I’d also suggest a button-up shirt with long sleeves. This always looks nice and gives a practical appearance. Use good judgment when dressing. Stills or Portfolio As I stated in the portfolio section of this book, you don’t totally need a portfolio to take with you to the model agency interview. But you would like to take the very best photographs you have got to make the best impression. How many photographs? Again, you are better off carrying only 3 or 4 of your conclusive best shots than a portfolio book of fifty disappointing footage. Let your personality shine thru If there’s something I have learned about professional models, they’re definitely not shy!! Hence one step in changing into a professional model is to look and act the part. I do not say to have a cocky or disdainful way about you. Just show an acceptable confidence. Here are a small number of pointers. – Let the agent put his hand out first and then give a good, firm hand shake – Look the agent in the eye – grin, smile, smile ( Let your natural smile show, not a head bowed, scared smile ). – Never disagree ( whether or not you don’t agree with what the agent is asserting just smile and keep going with the interview. If you know a working model, even better to permit her help you. Losing weight, getting a hair cut, or staying out of the tanning bed isn’t a surprising request in the modeling business so hear the data. They are not always right but they are people who hire you ( or not ). Secondly, if you actually listened, the agent alleged she wanted another interview with you which suggests she has enough interest in you to follow your relationship further. I suspect that you may have a definite lead on those models who just walk in with no notion of what to do.

Most success is learned. If you do not have it, blag it! Pretty directly you’ll find it!

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