Stripper Games | Chapter 1

Stripper Games | Chapter 1

Dataisa “Tae” Pov I Was Rushing Around The House To Put Me && Santana’s Clothes On. We Was Going To Be Late As Hell To Meet Julian. He Was Taking Us Out But …

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adminStripper Games | Chapter 1

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  1. TheJ Babeey

    °•What’s up with it!? •°No love you back? °•Get it! Haha •°TF IS WRONG WITH
    °•Lets see who that goes…

  2. SeenNeverHeard

    Cute outfits! She said Daddy needs to work instead lol keep them hands to
    yourself Ace needs to fix that attitude Welcome to the life Kai Loved it

  3. heyitsmejason1

    I would of shoved her pole so deep up that whores ass she would be shitting
    metal for the rest of her whore life

  4. Jeremy Parsons

    she could put up her pole on a street corner with little sign that say.
    will work for food and place to live. 

  5. esteban corral

    She failed to make a background check before letting her in. I used to
    clean apartments for a living. Tenants would leave a bit of themselves such
    as shit, urine, and blood. One literary giant, left the letter F written on
    a bed post in crusty semen. Ah, the joys of humanity. Don’t be a landlord
    if you are not willing to spring for an eviction lawyer in the very onset
    of a bad tenant.

  6. SHINE box JESUS

    why would that dumb bitch let a stripper rent a room in the same house as
    her 5yr lives in. Social services needs to take that kid away from that box
    oh retard rocks

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