Stripper Politics

Stripper Politics

Stripper catches Philly pols in an undercover assignment for a TV report that ends badly.
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Jillian demonstrates some simple additions that you can add to your floor show. More information 850-309-7653.
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  1. Marthamary17

    This has humor and guts. Speaks the truth that people in this city rarely
    admit even to themselves. The fix is in. An unholy alliance between two
    corrupt regime keeps the poor down, the law firms rich and the special
    interests interested and well paid. Featherman, you and that hot stripper
    are my fav people now! I’m voting for you. And I am inpatient for your next
    fun video.

  2. LouisLoveable

    Y E S ! ! ! Knockout punch with a knock out blond and so true, Philly is
    socorrupt Philly. Dem pols go to jail here like Mariano and Fumo. School
    district is nightmare. And nice jab at local TV news that NEVER covers
    anything of substance until AFTER they read it in the newspapers or on line.

  3. superbitch1985

    DAAAAMN!!!! She’s hella god. I’d do her. Lol. BTW, I’m a woman who is
    completely heterosexual, but she might make me reconsider my sexuality.

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