Stripper spends $9,000 in food stamps on fake butt

Stripper spends $9,000 in food stamps on fake butt

Brenda Charlestain committed nearly 000 worth of food stamp fraud, prosecutors said she spent money on plastic surgery, an expensive car stereo system an…

adminStripper spends $9,000 in food stamps on fake butt

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  1. TheAfricanKillerBs

    When white savages hold a people back 250 years while building around them,
    making it against the law for them to read. Then when finally free, promise
    to make it up to them with 400,000 acres of land(but they killed Lincoln
    then racist stopped the deal), then when we built our own businesses whites
    burned it down (“Black Wall Street” look it up), then we asked for jobs &
    got shunned, no work = fatherless homes =stress = drug abuse = crime= jail
    = you growing up not being taught this = racism.

  2. nikki

    This means she had some kind if income and was still taken food stamps
    dummy! She spennt plenty of money in her kids her rent was 1200 a month,car
    payment and all.. ya dont know what the fuck she been througj so shut the
    fuck up.. brenda is a good ass mother n maybe she really didnt have enough
    money for food… and she aint ugly bitch she got it done on other
    shit..sge always had a ass she prob just got a lift n fixed her stomach….
    i will miss her wen she goes and do her 1 n a half.

  3. uberneanderthal

    so what’s the excuse in Haiti, which has been independent for over 200
    years? guess 200 years isn’t long enough. maybe 2000? 2 million? if blacks
    have it so bad in racist USA why are they fleeing their own countries by
    the millions to come live there? and why is it few if any blacks are
    fleeing US to go live in black-run nations? And blacks rioted in Tulsa and
    burned down their own businesses, not whites. Part of the problem with
    blacks is they never take responsibility for their own actions.

  4. uberneanderthal

    uh huh. so what happened in Detroit? Harlem? Oakland? East St. Louis?
    Newark? West Philly? Compton? And every other crime-invested, shithole
    blacks call home? blacks made America great (by picking cotton and doing
    laundry lol) but can’t even keep their own neighbourhoods from falling into
    poverty? sounds legit.

  5. TheAfricanKillerBs

    Independence doesn’t equate riches & all the answers after war & poverty.
    Your ancestors were a cancer that was hereditary. Whites “fled” Europe to
    go steal South Africa, everyone “flees” poverty and or racism, even your
    kind from your kind. Africans, Asians & Hispanics want to come to amerikkka
    because Blacks made it a better place for people of color with all the
    fighting WE did, whites didn’t make amerikkka good for people of color, WE
    did. Whites destroyed Tulsa(believe what u want, devil).

  6. Kevin Sisseck

    Just a year and a half??? WHAT? I’ve seen people on the news rob a place
    for fifty dollars and get 10 years !! Come ON SYSTEM wake up! For every
    fifty dollars stoled 2 years min.That will stop it .One meal a day while
    their in jail .

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