Surrogacy Agency vs. Independent Search

The surrogate motherhood is a choice for the couples who are unable to give birth to a baby on their own due to infertility, old age or any other medical issue. It is also a great option for those women who can bear children but do not want to go through the process of pregnancy.  Gone are the days when adoption was the only process of having a baby; thanks to the advancement in the medical area, processes such as sperm or egg donation and surrogacy give you other ways to have a child.

However, before going through the process of surrogacy or egg donation, many couples ask themselves, “should I go through a surrogacy agency or search for a woman on my own?” If you want your baby to be extremely safe and do not wish to have any additional complications, choosing an agency would be a better option. A reputed agency will help you in almost every step of the process of surrogacy. In fact, some agencies will also take care of every detail and help you with the paperwork and contracts etc.

Every agency has a database of potential surrogates or IPs who have been “pre-screened” by them. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you have to do as said and select the one that the agency feels is right for you. Make sure to do your research first and communicate with various agencies and surrogates to check with whom you “click” best. Surrogacy can be a long and emotional process and it is extremely significant for you to be able to feel 100% comfortable with your surrogate or IP.

A reputed agency will stand by their clients until the end, ensuring that the process is going well and helping resolve issues if any. They also have psychologists and lawyers or know exactly where to find them. They also take care of all the payments for the surrogates. On the other hand, going independent can be a little scary and extremely complicated. Here, you will have to trust a stranger to carry your baby. However, if you choose to ask a friend or relative to help you in the process, there is a great possibility that they may ask for the custody of your child in future, which will eventually ruin relationships.

If you feel that the process of surrogacy can help you have a safe baby, many reputed agencies can be searched online.

Author has 5 years’ experience in Internet Marketing. Egg donation is the program to help the women to get pregnant by using egg donated by egg donor and with the help of surrogacy program get baby for family.

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