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Sitting around guarding lovely dancers – I want his job! (IMG_2179a) Image by Alaskan Dude The Wild Rovers is a collection of various Middle Eastern dance groups that have a camp at the Three Barons Renaissance Faire, in Anchorage, Alaska. Their costumes are fantastic and they put on an excellent show. I took this photo in June 2009. Bookkeeping Jobs …

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Celebrate! A Street Party Image by armadillo444 The red dancer is hit with some Mickey confetti — more dangers of the job. Why study Biology in the United Kingdom? Firstly, few places have influenced human thought more in terms of science and technology than this small collection of islands. In the United Kingdom, the student biologist can retrace the steps …

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Why Eboni Books Dance Jobs

Eboni Nichols talks about climbing the ranks in Hollywood. More informative vids are posted on Video Rating: 5 / 5 Jobs in Ballet and dance – Ballet Class and keep on dancing. Video Rating: 5 / 5

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The Denali Dames have so much energy – thanks for a great show! Image by Alaskan Dude This was such a cool experience – a lovely belly dancer (Amy of Gaia Tribal Dance) held a fundraiser at the Wasilla Performing Arts Center in June 2012; she could find any real photographers so she invited me to shoot the event. I …

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