Custom Auto Paint Jobs

Custom Auto Paint Jobs

All of the awesome auto paint colors are what make cars look great and attract interest from car enthusiasts around the world. Ed Roth broke the mold by altering the stock look with modified body parts, pinstripes, and custom paint. Since then people began customizing cars in every way imaginable. This has created a lot of people interested in custom …

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Wagner 0513041 Paint Eater Replacement Disc

Wagner 0513041 Paint Eater Replacement Disc 4-1/2-inch replacement disc for the Wagner Paint Eater Strips, feathers and abrades paint for smoother paint jobs Great for wood, wood trim, concrete block, steel or masonite Flexible for getting into tight quarters and curves 4-1/2-inch disc Your Wagner Paint Eater has helped you through numerous paint-prep projects large and small and now it’s …

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The Best Paint Stripper

84 of 366 Image by Phil Gradwell Somehow these wire strippers ended up on my order of wire from Farnell. I’ve no idea how that happened. I’ve wanted a pair of these for a long time and now I have some. They don’t half make stripping wire quicker and easier. Now I just need to get my finger out and …

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