The Beautiful Dancer

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The Beautiful Dancer

After the day’s work the warrior was relaxing by the river side.

The sky was clear and the stars beautified it with the fullmoon.

He was marking the dance of his dancer and was feeling relaxed.

The dancer gives him all joy and satisfaction in his desapirs.


Since his childhood he is well familliar with the dancer.

Whenever any problem arises the dancer dances in perfect tune.

All the tension and worries of the warrior are removed and he feels to be in moon.

He loves the dancer as the dancer is the most beautiful dnacer of all the dancers of the world.


The dancer not only dances but also sings bringing happiness and soothing experiences.

The songs involve the life of the warrior and the warrior gets much pleasure.

No body had taught the songs to the dancer still the songs are marvellous to hear.

Seeing the dance and hearing the songs the traveler passes all his days.


The river was flowing with full speed and the traveler was merged with the flow.

The dancer was also dancing according to the flow of the river.

It was taking the color of the nature which was illumining the warrior.

According to the tune of the nature the dancer was dancing.


The warrior does one thing and that is he loves his dancer.

He develops a great faith on the dancer.

Even if the entire world deserts the warrior but the dancer will never leave him

It will always be there with him till his last breath.


The dancer always obeys the intellect of the warrior and that is why the dance becomes more ecstatic.

By applying his intelligence the warrior tunes the dancer and finds the dance to be very enjoyable.

The dancer gives all satisfaction to the warrior in all his states of stupor.

His lonliness goes away and he sees the world with fresh vigor.


While in battle field the dancer becomes very obedient and carries the commands of the warrior.

It always wants the warrior to remain happy and contented so that the warrior can win the battle.

In the battle field the warrior sees the silent dance of the dancer which is his tension releiver and the best tranquilizer.

He works with sincerity and dedication and becomes a very good performer.


That day sitting by the side of the river the warrior loved the dancer with his heart and soul.

He realized that the dancer is a part of his soul.

It’s dances are manifested in his soul and are divine in nature.

If the dancer is the grace of the divine then definitely the warrior will reach his dream.


He shared his views and ideas with the dancer as the dancer was silent becomimg one with his soul.

The dancer received the divine grace and was silenly emracing the warrior.

In it’s embrace the warrior forgot all tensions and fears.

He loved the dancer and became one with it.


The warrior saw all his dreams and hopes inside the dancer.

He saw a lot of treasure and thanked God for giving him such a rich dancer.

By coming closer to the dancer and becoming one with it he found all his dreams and hopes to be fructified.

He was merged in divine ecstacy and inside the womb of the dancer was lost with all pleasure.


The dawn came and the sun brought all hopes and happiness.

By getting the touch of the universal current the dancer also prepared itself.

It should dance perfectly everyday so that the warrior will fight well.

If the dancer dances well then the warrior will win the war bringing glory to all.


The songs of the dancer are very pleaurable which not only satisfies the warrior but to all coming in contact with him.

Thus the warrior feels happy and contented all the time.

The dancer since is with him with it;s beautiful songs he will never fail in the battle of life.

Definitely he will win the battle and enjoy all the freedom,health,wealth peace and progress bringing glory to self,organization,family and society.









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