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eface started heading David. e. Feldman as co-owner of eface in 1989, Welcome to the amazing world of In 2006, eFace began producing corporate, industrial and education-related video and TV commercials. eFace media has been a family-owned business serving Long Island and the New York is a leading metropolitan area since 1989. eFace is a leading long island web design , long island ad agency, long island web design company, New York videographer, video production company , search engine optimization company. In 2006, eFace began producing corporate, industrial and education-related video and TV commercials. eface began as a print media and display advertising company, in the mid-90′s a web development division was added to it. Bring a motivated, creative force like us to bear on your challenges. Search engine optimization has grown into a bigger industry than web development. eface media uses organic, non-spam SEO to help your website to get higher rankings in important search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo and so on , as well in directories such as Dmoz.

Most recently David .e. Feldman has incorporated business research into his skill profile through a Masters Program at Queens College. He is an author and has produced as well directed three films, also TV commercials and organization based videos. We can also help you to focus your own business and search engine trafficfor your best done work, which will help you connect with consumers and businesses that are searching for exactly what you can do. As a business video provider for Long Island, we have had the opportunity to strategize with clients of all kinds such as industrial, medical, education- or organization-related, and corporate all smart business people seeking growth, better visibility and market penetration for their goods or services. eface media has been designing logos, corporate identity, brochures, packaging, websites and video for decades. Our clients range from Fortune 100 Companies to local businesses, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and not-for-profits.

Good and on time service has been our highest commitment since we were founded in 1989. Our respected client list includes Tyzall, Inc. Corporate Air Solutions, Hubco, Inc., The LI Water Company, 925 Sterling, Narissi FurniturePromo Plus, Ira Furman, Esq., Lu Moreno, Glenn Foods, St. Cloud Monastery, Tagaste Monastery, G&F Systems, Inc., Enjoy-A-Book Club,, Retiring in Comfort, Zeitler Asset Management. Long Island, New York eFace media prides itself on its social consciousness. Projects for not-for-profits and non-profit organizations are offered at affordable prices, often scaled to fit the needs and abilities of the organization or project. Here at eFace we guarantee of good quality work and customer satisfaction. If you need creative advertising and media buying, your product brochure designed and gets printed and package designed by us or business and not-for-profit video production which more of social work on our part as well as web site developed by us can be seen by the right buying public, then eface is the best solution for you. Let us give the privilege to serve you and satisfy your business and others need.

eface media is the leading long island web design
farm , and long island web development
company. We also work as long island ad agency .

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