The Best Wire Stripper You Can Buy

The Best Wire Stripper You Can Buy

I got this wire stripper from Radio Shack a couple of years ago after decades of using crappy wire strippers. It works great! It retails for .99 and is wo…
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  1. hoohoohoblin

    It only removes a chunk of insulation from the end of the wire. If you’re
    talking about removing all of the insulation from a long piece of wire, it
    wouldn’t really do that very well. You would be better off to buy wire with
    no insulation on it.

  2. orbiter8 (John)

    Yea these things are great, as a studying electrical engineer I use these
    all the time. They’ve never failed me yet, I particularly like the little
    red stripper adjustment gauge attached to theses pliers as they’re great
    for when you say.. need a particular length sleeve removing from the wire
    for plugs, terminals etc.

  3. micronux

    i hate those strippers. If you are using a test board(breadboard) and lets
    say want to cut a small 4 hole jump it a pain in the fucking ass. This is
    more meant for longer wires. I cut from 28 to 000 I really like using the
    pliers but can’t seem to find one that is sharp enough

  4. xXDalzalaXx

    Hey, i really need help, I was fiddling around with the same model, and a
    small spring 8mm long fell out. Now the two claps don’t contract. I cannot
    find with the spring came from. Also what does the little screw do?

  5. TheToonSpark

    Do these strip multicore flex. I’m in the uk and have just ordered a set of
    IRWIN VISE-GRIP strippers(same design) from the US in the hope of striping
    2 core 0.75mm flex used for lighting pendants. Any idea if they will do
    that? Good video btw.

  6. ACoustaDC

    This may be the best stripper you can buy, but I usually rent strippers, so
    they leave when my wife comes home.

  7. E. Dumas

    I have the exact same model as these bought from “Canadian Tire” (-50%) and
    is says, on the tool itself, that it can strip wires from 24 to 10 awg. I’m
    also using the 22 to 18 awg (~).

  8. P0tat0_craft

    “unless you’re a major super wire stripping type of guy and you’re
    stripping all the time.” That made my day thank you xD

  9. dumass00072

    The one thing these don’t work well with is that clear 16-Gauge ”
    2-Conductor Speaker Wire” from radio shack. Well at least my pair which is
    another brand that I don’t remember. The insulation is really stretchy.
    Trying to strip both those wires together is from my experience a pain in
    the neck.

  10. godmello

    I have one just like this…well i have a lot like this located everywhere
    in my shop and tool bags. Best.Investment. Ever.

  11. John N

    It won’t strip 10 AWG wire unless you score the wire jacket with a razor
    knife first, I tried. But they are still helpful.

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