In a study conducted recently by experts, it was estimated that the IT/Software jobs will be reduced tremendously in future. At a time when the IT sector was gaining great prominence in our life, there was a boom of IT related jobs. As a result several software courses have been started in private sector as well as in the university level. All these study courses promised excellent career prospects and good salary packages. You could get a good position such as developer, programmer, IT Analyst, Tester etc in major software companies. There was great requirement for IT related positions. The IT field helped several youngsters to acquire good positions and income. It also helped to make a substantial change in the basic structure of labour force. Although the IT sector created a lot of job opportunities, it actually reduced the number of people in the labour force. For example, an accounting work with 4 persons working on it manually, can be done with 1 person with a computer. So how many people got unemployed ? We have to think whether the computerisation helped the employment or unemployment ?

Now the computer has become an essential part of our life. The computer may be the second greatest invention of mankind after the wheels which have been invented in 8000 B.C. The computer have invaded in all sectors of our life. IT sector has become the most important industry in every economy in the world. Now the IT boom has come to an end. There is more than sufficient work force in IT sector now. New opportunities are not arising. It came to an exhaustive level that the IT giants are forced to reduce the workforce. Several major IT companies like infosys, Wipro, IBM, HP, HCL, Satyam, Microsoft, Oracle etc are in the position that they need a sustainable staff only to run the operational system. They tend to reduce their recruitment enormously. The IT companies who are dependent on major IT giants met with another critical situation in their income. The income from several projects have been reduced largely.

If some opportunities for the IT people exist anywhere it is  only in mobile / telecommunications sector. The experienced or fresh IT workmen suffer a lot today. Though there are several IT related courses, a few students opt for it when compared it with that of the past. They are in search of other professional courses. Today’s IT job market is in the midst of a seismic change. It became evident that the future of Indian software companies is very dull.

A press release by Adobe recently says that “Adobe will cut 750 jobs and reduce its investment in enterprise software as part of a broader plan to target the fast-growing markets for digital media and digital marketing products, the company said Tuesday. The job cuts will be made primarily in Europe and North America, Adobe said. It had 9,100 workers at the end of last year, making the cuts about 8 percent of its total staff.”
So where will the IT jobs of the future be ?

By Lexi Heigh

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As part of our graduation studies, we had done a project which we developed into a website. Teachers also appreciated this work. We had an ambition to host it online. So we hosted it and this is the website which was our project work. This is the result of hard work of each one of us in our group. We used our good college days for the betterment of this website. Now that we can earn from this website and we are proud of it. It’s our intense desire to make this website a hit among the visitors.

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