The Incredible String Band – Job’s tears

The Incredible String Band – Job’s tears

We’re all still here no one has gone away Waiting, acting much too well and procrastinating The cross of the earth (let me go through) The four winds point t…
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adminThe Incredible String Band – Job’s tears

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  1. peter wickenden

    thank you cyyggnus!!! so true…Williamson is a highly enlightened being,
    poet i hope he will go down in history as one of the great bards of all
    time…….meditate on any of his songs is to connect with that which never
    is born , never dies……a great being is mr williamson

  2. cyyyggnus

    One of the most powerful and prophetic phrases to be put to music!!:::
    “It’s you!
    It’s all true!
    And stranger than that, we’re alive!
    Stranger than, stranger than that…
    Stranger than that we’re alive!
    Whatever you think, it’s more than that, more than that….

  3. Akshay Kumar

    a brilliant interview with David Godman (Budhha at the Gas pump) brought me
    Wonder how many people have done the same.

  4. starman714

    i was a little kid when this came out and my older brother had it; i used
    to pose around the house ‘playing’ a broom and my sister singing into a
    hairbrush, ‘specially the ‘hello i must be going…’ bit lol – still know
    every word too

  5. Bonnie Speeg

    Started my life with someone who became an enormous embracer of ISB in
    1967. Through many days, ponds, babies, guitars, mandolins, spirit lights
    and fields of asters, their music accompanied our lives. That Someone has
    moved on to the Sweet By and By, over to the golden land. Back then, ISB,
    when writing this, was only projecting into the moments we’ll all actually
    experience in the death of a long time beloved. Here I am, listening after
    loss and feeling most brave & better for listening today.

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