The Most Prominent Ballet Dancers

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My partner, who I have been with for 3years+, is not living with me at the moment. She decided to chase a dream. She used to dance professionally but then decided to have a break from dancing – to work within a more stereotypical day to day job.

She decided recently to take a dancing contract in Skegness for 6 months. This is 4 hours away from where I live and I don’t see her much any more. She feels she needs to go because she felt incomplete when not working as a dancer and, as she is getting older, does not have much more time to dance professionally. This is the image from the picture…

I am not the type of person that is clingy or needs to be near someone but every now and then I can’t stop thinking about her.

I miss her.

I put this together;

Since you have gone away, the days have been colder
I feel like a robot which is just getting older
When you are around, things just feel right
And I need you with me, with me tonight.

The bed is big, with you not here
I feel colder without you near
You should know that a pillow cannot replace you
I accept you need to go and do, what you need to do.

You felt taken for granted, this I never planned
When you were home, you needed a hand
I am home on my own – please understand
That I want you to come home, soon as you can.

I hope you are getting what you need
And that your aims you left for, to be achieved
I know why you went, that I can see
But I want you back here, here with me.

When you come back, things feel right
I love relaxing with you at night
When I am alone, it’s you on my mind only
I wonder how long I will feel so lonely

Any list of famous artists would be incomplete without famous ballerinas. Since ballet has been popular for centuries, there were some truly legendary dancers who contributed to the dance immensely. It is worth mentioning that a lot of beginners learn the techniques that these dancers developed. So here is a short list of some of the most prominent ballet stars of the past. This information may be interesting both for those who wear pointe shoes regularly and for those who simply enjoy watching performances.

The prominent Belgian ballerina Marie Anne de Cupis de Camargo became the first ballerina to wear slippers, similar to modern-day pointe shoes instead of heeled shoes. Certainly, such a change of footwear allowed ballerinas to make more difficult movements. Besides, Camargo has also come up with the idea to wear short ballet skirts and ballet tights in order to gain additional freedom of movement. This allowed her to become the first woman to execute the entrechat quatre, the technique that is commonly used in ballet nowadays. The entrechat quatre is the technique of jumping into the air and rapidly crossing the legs in front and behind.

Another famous ballet innovator was Marie Taglioni. Taglioni was not the first one to dance en pointe. However, she became the first dancer to become famous for her pointe work. In addition, Taglioni didn’t wear modern-day pointe shoes, which made pointework harder than it is right now. Instead, she was wearing nothing more but modified satin slippers. Besides, Taglioni also danced in one of the oldest romantic ballets – “La Sylphide”. After the ballerina danced with the famous Imperial Ballet in Saint Petersburg, a pair of her shoes was sold for a sum of two hundred roubles, which was quite a lot at the time.

Any list of famous people in ballet would not be complete without Anna Pavlova. At first, Pavlova was rejected from the Imperial Ballet School, because she was too small. However, she managed to become one of the most prominent dancers in the history of ballet. Because of the fact that Pavlova had extremely curved arches, she needed additional support in order to perform pointework. That’s why Pavlova changed her pointe shoes by adding pieces of wood on the soles for additional comfort. At first, this was regarded as cheating by some ballet lovers. However, now similar pointe shoes are used for pointework all the time.

Perhaps, one of the most famous male dancers in the history of ballet is Frederick Ashton. After attending Pavlova’s performance at the age of thirteen, young Frederick became convinced that he would become a prominent dancer as well. Ashton adapted a number of ballets, including “Cinderella”, “Sylvia” and “Ondine”. These ballets which featured dancers in pointe shoes became an instant classic. It is worth noting that Frederick Ashton was awarded with the Order of Merit, the Order of Companions of Honour and The Order of The British Empire.

Certainly, a lot of ballet dancers could be included in this list. Such dancers as Mikhail Baryshnikov, Erik Bruhn and Rudolph Nureyev have also become legends. Who knows, maybe those who wear pointe shoes today for the first time are going to become as prominent as these ballet dancers.

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