The Official Obama Gangnam Style! – Reggie Brown

The Official Obama Gangnam Style! - Reggie Brown

Comedian Reggie Brown as Barack & Dalila Ali Rajah as Michelle & Follow us on Twitter !! Mitch- @DeanWinkleson …
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

adminThe Official Obama Gangnam Style! – Reggie Brown

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  1. Thiefnuker

    I so really want to see Obama’s reaction to this video xD Can’t you like
    make an appointment with him Reggie? “Hi im your copy, wanna chat” :D

  2. Логопед Дед

    Чёрная обезьянка из Белого дома прикольно пляшет и не только в
    тропических лесах !!!

  3. Францева Людмила

    Nuclear attack on Washington to return to the Indians their land and would
    not this filth US

  4. Францева Людмила

    I guarantee, no matter how Russia when the US wants to wipe from the face
    of the earth and she will do it

  5. Howard Spiehler

    Friday after Thanksgiving some people shopping from outside the USA said
    they thought BLACK FRIDAY was a Presidential holiday. 

  6. carlsberg grebslac

    This is amazing! The similarity to the real people is uncanny when it comes
    to imitating gestures and facial expressions. That takes some talent. The
    scene where “Obama” is salivating over his wife’s posterior is nothing less
    than inspired hilarity :)

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