The results of the Jennifer Grey nose job

The results of the Jennifer Grey nose job

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery – Rhinoplasty played the trick on the Jennifer grey nose job. Soon after her successful character as the ugly sweet teenager wi…

adminThe results of the Jennifer Grey nose job

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  1. MrTedMcForehead

    did you just call jennifer grey ugly? she was unbelievably hot in the 80s
    before her surgery. UGLY? what the hell? thats like calling brad pitt in
    fight club fat

  2. Valentina Hamburg

    How can you dare to call her ugly? That’s unbelievably rude and ignorant,
    to call her ugly just because she didn’t look like a supermodel. She was
    never prettier than in her early acting years. But what am I expecting from
    a channel called: ” Celebreties Plastic Surgery”…

  3. cosmonaut

    Oh come on, she just got older and she isn’t very pretty. That is why she
    was passed over. She looks ok enough. She was a young actress, and those
    types have a sell by date. The nose job probably had little to do with it.

  4. sigmund grizli

    In the movie business ”charisma” is EVERYTHING,and her main tool are
    facial features and expressions,is Jack Nicholson beautiful? HELL NOOO!!!
    But he has extremely strong personality,and unique looking,Jennifer was
    unique with her old nose,she should fix it back,is not to late :D

  5. Mark Page

    It wasn’t her nose job that stopped her acting it was the fact her then
    boyfriend, Mathew Brodderick killed some people in a car crash in which she
    was a passenger. She explains she lost all interest in acting.

  6. Ales Burian

    Before she looked hot and now she looks ugly like where the hell is the
    youth of today is ?huh where all I see is a bunch of wannabe gangster rap
    and the so called fags who dress like justin dweeber

  7. Seroun Wang

    How sad that she thought to have rhinoplasty. I always thought her nose
    was beautiful. It gave her a step up and character that a bland nose job
    only stole from her. Didn’t she learn from Barbra Streisand? Shame on
    you Jen

  8. Wendy Flay

    I like big noses they add character to a face. There is a fine Roman nose
    in my family which some of my relatives and my Mum had but it missed me,
    sadly. Women though, are under pressure to be blond, bland and symmetrical.

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