The Role Of The Talent Agency

When it comes to the entertainment business, there are a large number of categoriesit encompasses. Items such as music, sports, acting and other fields all fall under the category of the entertainment industry. The use of a talent agency is vital in bridgingthe gap between the talent and the industry categories that are seeking out that talent.
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Talent Agency Basics
A talent agency is a company that works with individuals or groups that fall into a special entertainment category as their middleman in between their talent and the companies seeking that talent. A talent agency will find talent using internet searches, tryouts and other ways so that they can add to their profile list and distribute that talent to companies contacting them for that talent.

Talent Management
There are some talent agencies that will find talent and be the exclusive representativeto those within their agency. These agencies will then assign agents to contract dealsand auditions on the talents behalf as well as ensure that they are paid and take their stipulated earnings from that payment. There are some agents that will not only find talent and manage it, but they will then help develop those talents and ensure that their
clients make more money while under their watch.

Talent Casting
There are some agents that solely devote their time to casting opportunities, rather than management. These companies will have a non-contractual agreement with the
talent they find and work on the direct behalf of the company seeking the talent. This type of talent agency will host auditions and find talent based on their clients needs and place that talent for that specific job only.

Large Talent Agencies
There is also the talent agency that is large in size. Agencies such as Creative Artists Agency or the CAA, mix both management and casting within the same talent agency. Many of these will directly cast for large movie roles, music related roles and even writing.

The Package Talent Agency
This type of talent agency is an all-in-one type of talent agency. For example, for amovie these types of agents will find the talent for the screenplay, the actors, the music and every other aspect of the screenplay. They will then approach film makers and other industries with this entire package and sell it off to them.

Knowing the type of talent agency you are signing up with is important. Each type of agency has their own role within the entertainment agency; therefore the agency that will find talent and utilize it in the most ways is usually the type of talent agency that will produce the most successful results.

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