The Traveling Hoedowners Square Dancing at Whirl & Twirl

The Traveling Hoedowners Square Dancing at Whirl & Twirl

The Traveling Hoedowners dance group at Whirl & Twirl in Orlando FL. Paul Place is the caller.
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adminThe Traveling Hoedowners Square Dancing at Whirl & Twirl

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  1. Ken Hooke

    Looks complicated, but easy when you know how (and lots of practice!). Nice
    to watch,
    In Australia I teach over 4000 young people per year to do square dancing,
    mainly school camps and occasional social functions.(They love it!) To
    them it probably seems complicated, but actually its as simple as I can
    possibly make it!…..Even change terms like “allemande left” to “left hand
    swing” etc. HAVE A LOOK ON YOUTUBE.

  2. Oom Yaaqub

    We had to take 2 gym classes in my college. I picked square dance and folk
    dance. It was fun, but you really had to pay attention because the caller
    can change it at any moment and you can mess up seven other people. A very
    American, authentic dance and a beautiful one. 

  3. sir487

    @macraft Hello, can I know the name of the singer as well, I’m searching
    desperately for this version but I’m not founding it. I would really
    apreciate your help if you can tell me the singer name or the album name.
    Thank you

  4. Yaldatchayil

    Help! I am trying to analyze this dance for a class. Do you have a script
    of all the calls? I can’t hear them all clearly. Thank you!

  5. Victor Moisescu

    Doing this in wellness is pretty fun- but these guys have clearly been
    practicing for a while. We do Aleman Lefts different though…

  6. Cindy Gram

    this is so cute —-and they are on time with the transition….wow this
    looks so fun and the voice of the guy is on hit………….i really like
    this… i always wanted to learn square dancing

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