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  1. theALANshow yo

    my karma tells me
    you’ve been screwed again
    if you let them do it to ya
    you’ve got yourself to blame
    it’s you who takes the shame
    it’s you who feels the pain
    the who are legends

  2. Paul Vincent

    @nosmokingpistol77 I’m 33, and finally discovered The Who in it’s entirety
    last year…including Quad…the whole album moves me, and this particular
    track always brings tears to my eyes when I listen to it…I have no words
    for Pete’s genius and to describe how amazing is The Who in every way…

  3. godbluffvdgg

    You are on a great journey. The Who only gets better. 52 and seen them live
    here in philly. After 35 years I love them even more. Bon Ventura!

  4. foolintherain100

    My gosh, the bridge is what gets me each time. Roger’s voice changes from
    complete anger in “You’ve got yourself to blame”, but comes in just a few
    lines later “It’s you that takes the shame”, and I can actually feel the
    shame in his voice. Incredible. No one else could have done the same thing
    with Pete’s lyrics.

  5. supervillainz73

    this album came out the year i was born….i discovered it when i was 16
    and ever since has been my all time fav album of any genre from any time
    period. I say the who and you say who? and you know

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