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This was such a cool experience – a lovely belly dancer (Amy of Gaia Tribal Dance) held a fundraiser at the Wasilla Performing Arts Center in June 2012; she could find any real photographers so she invited me to shoot the event. I rounded up some fellow miscreants and we went for the dress rehearsal and I went back for the actual show the following night. This was my first time shooting a live event with all sorts of action going on, so there was a lot of moving my flash stands; flash was banned on the second night and the lighting level was very low; I was sitting quite a distance from the stage, shooting at max ISO and hoped to get a few decent shots considering all the movement.

The show itself was an absolute blast – Amy did a tremendous job organizing the talent. I wasn’t sure what belly dancing had to do with 1900 Paris but the dancers dressed the part. The show was high energy with great dancers and costumes – I’m glad Amy invited me!

For mothers and perhaps some fathers as well, one of the greatest thrills of being a parent is the opportunity to dress up their kids in cute little outfits. A few parents even admittedly feel the need to shop time and time again just because they enjoy discovering the new styles that are being made available. It becomes more exciting when they know that the kids will wear them for an audience to see. This is one of the perks of having a child that is interested in the art of dancing. Obviously, a routine cannot be complete without the appropriate ensemble. In particular, little ballet dancers can only fully showcase their talents with the right leotards on them. 
Parents have come to realize the disadvantage of having to personally shop at boutiques. The common problem that most of them have with carrying out such a task is that the choices in these shops tend to be very limited, not to mention that most also cost a fortune. With retailers now offering dancewear online, parents can do away with the trouble of visiting actual stores. More importantly, they are able to look at a wide range of choices of leotards, tutus and, other dance-related items.
The fun part is that even the simple leotards are now presented with a diverse array of designs such as camisole, tank, long sleeve, cap sleeve, long sleeve, and polo neck. Most online retailer shops, if not all, are complete with all of these selections. If anything, online shopping for leotards is made difficult for the right reason, and that is out of the sheer size of options that are presented. Apart from all the designs being made available, the outfits are also offered at very affordable prices. As a matter of fact, discounts and other great deals are even offered regularly, especially for seasonal events.
When buying dancewear online, just like with any other type of product, a parent can greatly benefit from knowing exactly what they are looking for. The decision will be guided by the image that is provided on the website. The best approach, however, is to determine the exact use for the item that is about to be purchased. For instance, a child who is going to attend dance school will most likely require a basic tank leotard. The more extravagantly designed outfits should be left for major performances that the child might join in the future. For budding performers, the outfit should make them feel confident as they continue to perform.The most important thing for the parents to consider is that their child remains comfortable no matter what they are wearing.

The truth is that shopping for children’s leotards can be done as simply as choosing any other article of clothing for the kids. After all, the thought of one’s child putting on new styles of clothing is something that always excites parents. The main difference is that dance outfits are instrumental in the kids’ journey to pursue something that they could possibly be very passionate about in the future. 

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