Top 10 Reasons Not to Be A Stripper #3

Top 10 Reasons Not to Be A Stripper #3

I don’t care what ANYBODY says… Here’s reason #3 Not to be a stripper. & watch the #2 Reason Not To Be a Stripper:
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adminTop 10 Reasons Not to Be A Stripper #3

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  1. BadGirl42886

    $900 a night is a straight killing. That’s like upwards of 250k… God damn
    how do you go back to normal after that?

  2. Mariah Nixon

    I wish I didn’t come across these videos… I’ve tried looking for normal
    jobs but if becoming a stripper is all that I can get then that’s what I’ll
    do. Thank you for sharing. They are amazing!

  3. Rachel Thomas

    i made alot (close to $900/night) but that’s because I happened to work in
    the #1 club in the #1 city for strip clubs on the best nights of the week.
    Most strippers make somewhere in the $250-$300 range, then after you tip
    out to the house, the bartenders, the house mom, etc it’s more like $200.
    Life without money is definitely hard but life as a stripper has it’s own
    hardships too. Thanks for watchin my vids, I’m prayin you find a better way
    to make $ soon. xoxo

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