Top Three Coolest Engineer Jobs


Some of the coolest jobs on the planet are engineering jobs.

Aeronautical engineers. These kinds of engineers will be expected to work on aviation projects, which might involve working on the electrics of an aircraft, the construction of it, or perhaps software engineering. An aeronautical engineer will have a cool engineering job because they may get to work on some of the biggest, fastest and most innovative aircraft of our time. This includes stealth jets and fighter planes. The job can be highly rewarding and very challenging, but one of the coolest engineering jobs around.


Aerospace engineers. For any employers looking to recruit engineers of this qualification and experience, candidates must have a keen interest in aerospace and strong practical, mathematical and scientific skills. The aerospace engineer may have a variety of duties, but one of the coolest roles to have in the discipline is to work on space programs. Being part of one of the most innovative and challenging areas of engineering can be very rewarding for an aerospace engineer. They may work on space research, working on UAVs, space equipment, or even space shuttles. The aerospace engineer will work as part of a larger network to develop the aerospace systems and projects. Salaries can be attractive for an accomplished aerospace engineer.


Automotive engineers. These kinds of engineers work on vehicles, so anything from trucks, to cars, to bikes. The jobs might include designing, installing, or repairing problems with a vehicle. So what makes it so cool? Some automotive engineers have the fantastic opportunity to be able to test and drive the cars that they have been working on. The job can be highly rewarding because not only do you get to have a key part in developing a new and exciting car, but you also have an important role in getting that car on the road and in the public. These engineers may work on the transmission on gears or the safety of the vehicle, key features to the development of the car. Test driving the cars can be incredibly exhilarating, knowing that you have developed this car to what it is. The engineer may have to work long hours, but salaries can be rewarding even for a graduate. To recruit automotive engineer jobs, employers tend to advertise with local agencies or on their own website.



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