Traits of a Nanny Agency

There are many new and old nanny agencies which can be operated by a single person or a team of thoroughly staffed office. The main objective of a nanny agency is to recruit nannies and families for a fee. Nanny placement service developed in 1980′s when Boomer babies became working moms. In 1985 nanny agency owners created International Nanny Association (INA). Some benefits of nanny agencies are as follows:

A good agency will follow a set of procedures for recruiting, advertising, screening and counseling before selecting a nanny. This saves time for both nanny and family. A nanny agency gives importance to both nanny and family for without one it will not have the other. It provides a solid nanny/family contract. A good agency will periodically analyze the success of its nanny placements and may offer workshops and get-togethers that support both nanny and family. If you get a good agency, it would be the best possible introduction to the placement process. A good agency is known by its customer service, the caliber of the nannies and families it serves, and the frequent long-term success of its placements.

Nanny agencies may do complete screening of nannies before selecting them. These tools include: Application forms; minimum standards for applicants, nanny agencies want applicants to be at least 25, reference checks, criminal record checks, driving record checks, should have studied at least for 2 years in college, should have a minimum of 2 years of experience, standardized questionnaires for interviewing useful in comparing nanny candidates, Psychological testing and personality screening.

Nowadays agencies charge families one-time fees. Some may charge renewal fees on the theory that the basic commitment is for one year, so that when a longer placement is achieved the nanny agency has earned a higher fee. Selecting a nanny requires a long process, so nanny agencies may also charge registration fees, generally nonrefundable. Since both nanny and families are in need of each other, they register with more than a single nanny agency and find independently by placing ads, set up a personal web site or work through word-of-mouth. A contract with a nanny agency may require one of you to pay the nanny agency a fee even if you met independently. Read the contract carefully and observe good placement ethics. If you want a refund, many nanny agencies will not offer a full refund because they have performed what they consider due diligence. Nanny had been on the job for an extended period, even if not a full year. Be careful while reading the fine print. Basic responsibility of the placement service is to match nannies to families, it follows that both should be screened equally.

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