Turning Global? Hire a Translation Agency

Here are just a selection of instances where a translation agency becomes vital for international business trading.

In China, the country with the biggest market in the entire world, with more than one billion consumers to woo, most people cannot speak or understand English. A business has to hire the services of a trusted Shanghai translation agency to speak to its market in Chinese.

In the Middle East, there you can find the richest consumers. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, and Syria are home to oil magnates and wealthy businessmen who buy the biggest chunks of consumer goods than almost anyone else in the entire world. You need to get in contact with a translation agency to communicate in Arabic with such an affluent market.

In Europe are some of the world’s biggest economies, including France and Germany. International trading companies do well to trade goods with companies in European countries where English is not the official language of business. The French people, for example, have their own idioms and conventions that are embedded in their documents that only expert linguists from a translation agency can translate well into conventional English.

The business benefits of hiring a translation agency are numerous. In conducting a business, whether you are looking for trading partners, liaising with suppliers, relating to customers, or closing a sale, one thing is always constant—communication. But language differences serve as a barrier more than a support. A translation agency can break through that barrier, bringing in more advantages than the initial costs.


1. Meaning is preserved. Different languages are based on the different cultures of the people who speak these languages. When a passage in Chinese is translated into English, for example, some Chinese idioms mean differently when they are translated into English. This is the problem with translator machines, which simply replace foreign words with their English counterparts. The original meaning of the text suddenly becomes lost. Only with real live humans from a reputable translation agency can meaning be well preserved and communicated properly.

2. Services are of professional quality. Unlike with a seasonal freelance translator, a translation agency has the resources to ensure expert services and methodical operations to ensure that their clients are completely satisfied and their profits are continuously streaming in. Collaboration within a team of translators, fostered by discussion and internal communication, assures clients that a document is thoroughly interpreted and analyzed before it is translated and delivered to them.

3. Good translation equals profits. There is no denying it that all businesses are after one thing and one thing only—profits. When communication between your company and your clients is properly facilitated by the services of a good translation agency, satisfaction for both parties is high. When both you and your clients are happy, you could be certain that you have done good business and can reap the good rewards of your investment.

4. Your market expands into the world. When you have a trusted translation agency that never fails to meet your needs, you are more open into exploring other parts of the world to permeate. You stop worrying about roadblocks to communication because you have an expert facilitator with you. For example, if you have long wanted to delve into the Chinese economy, which is set to overcome the US market in a few decades, an expert translator will be essential in making communication much easier for you between you and your Chinese partners.

Charlene Lacandazo works for Rosetta Translation, a leading global translation agency.

Rosetta Translation specialises in business translations as well as interpreting services worldwide.

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